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Kwanjangdo is not your average Martial Arts institution, but more of a Martial Arts community.

Our youngest students are 3 years old and the eldest 58. There is no age limit for our Martial Art form and all people both young and old can enjoy a functional, good self-defence martial art which not only improves the physical being but the mental one as well.

Considering that Kwanjangnim is one of the very few that holds the 9th Dan rank in the world, all students benefit from his vast experience, advanced techniques and learn to share his passion for Martial Arts.

Kwanjangdo especially assists our youth in that they learn discipline, self-control, self-confidence and learn respect. This helps mould them into better members of society who become responsible and thrive on their self-achievements.

Our Academy has proved that once enrolled into our classes, the young generation show marked improvement as scholars and their attitudes and values change dramatically.

A few of our junior students have either learning disabilities or are hyper-active (a very common problem with children in South Africa ). Kwanjangnim has helped many of these children in that he instils strict discipline, concentration and motor co-ordination into them. His training sessions are rigorous and at the end of each class he makes them sit on the floor (or lay down, whichever he prefers) and makes them close their eyes. He begins a ten minute meditation session in which he teaches them respect, honour, self pride and teaches them how to cope with their studies, pressures in life and helps them instil confidence into themselves and helps them understand just what they are capable of.

Many parents who have witnessed these sessions/classes have seen definite improvement in their children's behaviour. A few of the children have sadly suffered abuse in their lives and are trying to deal with their inflictions and Kwanjangnim although strict, has a lot of compassion for these little people. Kwanjangdo Academy is also very popular amongst the female students both young and old. We find that most women wanted to learn how to defend themselves and Kwanjangnim puts them on a strict self-defence programme incorporating Hapkido and Korean Kickboxing. Our female students that belong to our Academy are a definite force to be reckoned with and in these somewhat violent times, a woman needs to know basic self defence not only to protect herself but sometimes her family too.

Kwanjangdo is varied, never boring and offers cardio and stamina training as well as learning the history behind each Martial Art form.

For ten years he lived and trained in Swaziland whereby he taught the King of Swaziland, his Royal unit, the security and police forces as well as the National Team.

He then moved to South Africa and began teaching Taekwondo for a further ten years. He began Kwanjangdo five years ago, it is his own syllabus and he has incorporated Taekwondo (Olympic style), Hapkido, Gumdo, Korean Kickboxing and Tai Chi. It has grown tremendously in popularity not only in South Africa but in neighbouring African countries as well as the United Kingdom .

He currently holds the position of Technical Director of the Mozambique Taekwondo Federation, Technical Advisor for the Angolan, Swaziland , Gabon and Madagascar Taekwondo Federations as well.

He has dedicated his life to Martial Arts and he has trained, coached and refereed in 88 countries around the world.

His wife, Samonim Lorraine Lee who currently holds 1st Dan Black Belt (going for 2nd in December 2005) assists him in his Dojang and is the official coach for the Kwanjangdo Taekwondo Team during their championships.

Kwanjangdo Martial Arts Academy hosts an International Taekwondo Championship every year at their Dojang situated at the Brightwater Commons in Randburg, Johannesburg , South Africa .

All are welcome to come and join the first lesson for free and for more information, Kwanjangnim and Samonim Lee can be contacted here

We look forward to seeing you.